Pattern, Nature, Geometric
Untitled-R Pankaj Kumar Singh

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Artist’s Statement: Nature has long served as an inspiration for, subject of or allegory to artistic depiction. Born in a farming family, I carry inseparable memories of lush green cultivated land all around me, as also impressions of the layered imagery of nature that permeated my range of vision as a child.
Nature has many hues both inside and out, the magic of its mysteries and fascinations unravelling marvellously as one probe. Though vehement in denying my works to be abstract in their intent, my oeuvre may well be termed as non-figurative in its essence. My practice explores issues of the natural world and addresses our relationship to nature.
Beginning with putting down a core idea or memory, of some particular layered perspective of nature, then I proceed to build it up layer by layer, cutting, stitching, pasting as it goes, the cutting and joining signifying the continuity of nature in destruction and growth. The visual potency of my compositions and the challenges my subjects myself to in the process of making them, manifest, and even go to exemplify, Schopenhauer’s notion of the Expressive Will. As the name implies, the relevant aesthetic virtue is Expressive Will, and its pictorial exposition functions to make public the realm of primal, non-conventional meanings hidden within the artistic psyche.
Mixed Media
Mixed Media on Canvas
Medium - 30 x 30 inch | 76.2 x 76.2 cm
Shipped Rolled; Unless rolling not possible
Authenticity Certificate included
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