Figure, Pattern, Dream
Space I Isha Bawiskar

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Artist's Statement: Through this painting I have tried to express my views and thoughts towards life.I want to live independently.whatever problems comes,I want to face it through different opportunities that I could get and after all problems are only opportunities with thorns on them...As with a lot of difficulties and many tries some solution emerged,which later became a famed invention that benefited the world.As I want to be a successful person so to show the speed.I have used aeroplane and also I have tied a paper with a thread and drawn the picture of an aeroplane ,which shows the speed of a person but I have a strong willpower to do something in life which will be helpful to the mankind in future but at every moment of my life I have to face many difficulties.I have shown that the aeroplane stopped at a particular place.This is described as I want to achieve many things but due to difficulties I could not get success.
Mixed Media
Mixed Media on Canvas
Large - 36 x 48 inch | 91.44 x 121.92 cm
Shipped Rolled; Unless rolling not possible
Authenticity Certificate included
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