Pune, India

Vaishali has been pursuing her passion for painting for the last 15 years professionally, and she has also trained by various renowned artists. She acquired her degree in Psychology Honours from Delhi University and later obtained a Diploma in Fashion Designing from IITC, Pune. Vaishali also has a Diploma in Fine Arts from Kalachaya Art Institute.

She has exhibited her works solo at Kalagram Art Gallery, Brush Strokes Art Gallery, and Malaka Spice Art Gallery, in Pune. She has been participating in group exhibitions across Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and has also attended the Spandan Art Show in Goa, the Connoisseur Art Show in Bangalore and one international group show held at Nehru Centre in London.

She was awarded at the Balgandharva in Pune, twice in the years 2010 and 2011 for the Best Fortress of India and the Best Seascape awards.

Vaishali uses her creativity to channelise her innate and intimate thoughts on canvas.  This is why she emphasizes that no artist should be categorized as master of one genre. She feels that all artists merely use the tools available to express themselves on any canvas while creating masterpieces.

This is the reason for why her artworks range from the abstract to the realistic and the figurative, sometimes even resulting in a combination of these elements. She experiments with a variety of palettes, from bright to pastel to monochrome. The artworks she creates are meditative giving a unique sense of solace.

Presently, Vaishali owns an art gallery in Pune called PaintBox Art Gallery where she teaches art and also supervises other art related activities like art appreciation, pottery and so on.

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