Hooghly, India

Samik Mondal pursued a bachelor’s degree in botany from Kolkata University. It was during this time period that he came to full terms in realizing his greatest passion for photography. Renewed with newfound vigor, Samik spent more time in Ramakrishna Vidyamandira, which was affiliated to Kolkata University to learn photography during the sophomore year of his bachelor’s program.

Samik admits to being curious of photography. His first experimentation with pictures was by utilizing an unused Kodak camera inside one of the cupboards in his house. Later he bought a  Nikon Point And Shoot Camera which became his companion for all the days to come, an efficient partner that captured the streets and sights in all its vividity. He finds this approach more comfortable to him than conceiving and giving thought to form through paintings.

Samik had his first successful exhibition at Gaganendra Pradarshan Sala in the Academy Of Fine Arts at Kolkata. The exhibition garnered him international interest as well.

I realize that,” says Samik,”streets are filled with untold stories so I took the job of telling their stories through my lens.” An avid traveler, Samik is also interested in landscapes.

Samik presently lives in Hooghly, West Bengal, pursuing his passion for photography.

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