Mumbai, India

Artist Rithika Kumar wears many hats. She says of herself, “I am an artist, day dreamer, love to write, avid reader, blogger, experimental cook and amateur gardener. Passionate about creative expression in any form. A free spirit and wonder junkie I run a niche art studio - Pyjama Party Studio where I design and paint eclectic and quirky products. I also work as a freelance content writer.”

The Mumbai-based artist gives a funky twist to home articles like teapots, jars and mugs making them a colourful art, resplendent with varied hues. She infuses newness in otherwise mundane objects with her colourful strokes, literally making them come “alive,” waiting to speak to you and tempting you to own them. Her works lend a new look to any home or gallery and lift the spirits of the viewers, making them a must-have for decoration.

Right now she is focusing on her new range of 'Owlie hand-painted mason jars.’ The little jars have been painted from a palette that's more pastel and not Rithika’s usual bright bold colour choice and the water colour texturing. She says, “There's been a lot of experimenting that's gone into the making of this range and I must say I'm thrilled with the end products. With six spanking new, adorable owlets to choose from, these little babies are ready to spread the cheer!! So come and meet the gang!!!”

Speaking of her studio Pyjama Party, Rithika says, “It is quirky offbeat art studio, where we hand-paint and illustrate funky, colourful products drawing inspiration from the rich Indian culture and vibrant palette. We are a fun brand where you can find a treasure trove of quirky, whimsical designs, to add a dash of colour and personality to your home. So if you are looking for something unique and eclectic you've come to the right place.”

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