Noida, India

Manil Gupta is a bachelor in fine arts (applied art) from College of Art, New Delhi, and he loves to experiment in various media like paintings, photography, sculpture, installation, design and television. The journey from his solo works primarily reflected the human condition with an undertone of dark humour and deployed strong graphic visuals reminiscent of his applied arts training to the next phase when his works were heavy on optical illusion, which he used as a visual delight. 

Since 2010 onwards, he has been collaborating with his younger brother Rohit and together they have created works with an underlying theme of carnival/circus.

Manil has participated in a host of group exhibitions in New York, Dubai and various cities of India, and also has been part of artists camps organized in Maldives and Switzerland besides having a couple of solo exhibitions to his credit.

He is on board of Creative Indians - Season II, first-of-its-kind show on television about art, design & fashion and presents a sneak peek into the world of India creative geniuses on NDTV Good Times channel. Under a self initiated public art car project, Manil and Rohit created The Holographic Love Machine in which they created crazy, complex paintings that bring together multiple painting styles and subjects on a Sports Utility Vehicle that garnered an overwhelming response from both the public and the media.

Exuberant, intensely colourful, and full of humour is how the works of the artist-duo has been described by the art connoisseurs. Their latest works are graphic, and employ visually dense comic narrative. They are also experimenting with contextual shapes for canvases, hand-cut into plywood and other materials. Adopting a perspective of looking at life as a circus where we play the role of a juggler, joker, acrobat or fire performer, and we are also looking at it all as an audience but remain unaware about the forces at play. Their body of works is challenging and new with a plethora of references both international and indigenous.

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