Karnataka, India

Bengaluru-based artist Kira Issar enjoys her work be it concept photography, digital art, illustrations or detailed pencil sketches. She also maintains a creative journal in the form of a website (www.the-nebula-quiet.com) and enjoys styling outfits in collaboration with fashion brands.

A Bachelor of Arts from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, Kira has done many computer courses related to her field. She also got invited/sponsored to the Indo-Japan Leadership Summit 2011 and was a part of the Incredible India campaign.

Kira dabbles with conceptual art, which she explains is an extension of self-expression – where an artist tends to portray an idea, an intention, a fleeting feeling or perhaps a specific theme. She’s a fine art photographer and her conceptuality verges on dreamy as well as lucid.

The artist’s photographs emphasize the feelings she wants to express in a series. These captures both dreamy and surreal ideas along with the nature, including the flora from close quarters. Her artworks come with a distinct flavour and are something that one would like to perk up the interior design of their homes and offices with.

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