Haveri, India

His home state - Karnataka - figures prominently in the works of artist Kariyappa H. Hanchinamani. He captures the essence of rural India in his frames through acrylic paintings. The 40 year-old artist from Kerimattihalli in Haveri district of Karnataka has a master’s diploma in fine art from Art College, Rattihalli.

He has taken his art work to various solo and group exhibitions and has held internationals shows in New York, London and Singapore. Apart from that Kariyappa has been participating in various painting camps and art fairs. His creations are also displayed at New York and Chicago in US, Canada, London in UK, Germany, Singapore and many major cities of India like New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Ranebennur, Hubli, Hyderabad, Mangaluru and Bengaluru. His creations have also fetched him numerous awards including the ‘Golden Stroke’ award by winning the first place in the national painting competition at Bengaluru in 2016, award at Kannada Rajyotsava in London in 2012 and Mysore Dasara Merit Award in 2009.

Speaking of the inspiration of his works, Kariyappa says, “Art world is not an exception, especially in a place like India where ancient civilisation, heritage enriched by its diverse culture, tradition, customs and religion. It provides boundless opportunities for the artistic eye.”

Kariyappa says he has endeavoured to capture the richness of Indian culture like many other artists in various art forms. “Having been born amid this richness and abundance, I have obviously incorporated these essences in my art work. Through my artistic vision, I have attempted to depict rural culture of India with a hope of preventing it from going into oblivion or rejuvenate if it is perishing,” Kariyappa points out.

As an artist, Kariyappa is attempting to create his own niche by learning from the work of others. “In addition to following the path laid by our art gurus, I strongly believe that every artist should have his/her own identity, creativity and social concern. I specialise in acrylic painting on canvas media. Majority of my artwork reflects the day-to- day life, custom and culture of rural folk of India with a special focus on Karnataka where I was born and brought up,” he observes.

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