Bangalore, India

gallery g was founded in 2003 by Gitanjali Maini with the idea that art had to be for everybody — it had to be as accessible as much as it had to have value. Above all, it had to appeal, please and even to challenge. Innovative, inclusive and prolific, gallery g personifies the contemporary global Indian art gallery, centrally located in a global destination, Bangalore.

Having been in operation for over 13 years, gallery g is well-known for its directional mix of new, established and internationally known artists. Their Lavelle Road location, just off MG Road, makes them one of Bangalore’s sought after art resource-cum-exhibition space. With an extensive and multi-proportioned space, gallery g works on several levels: an intimate viewing space for the serious collector and investor as well as a larger venue for exhibitions and related events. Flooded with natural light, it boasts views of a vertical eco-garden that is a testimony to the scope of work it is taking up.

Primarily, the artwork they feature includes heritage and contemporary masterworks: watercolours, charcoals, acrylics and oils, sculptures and installations. The gallery exemplifies the new proactive art resource that not merely provides informed access for the best art to buy but also consultancy services for collectors, investors, architects and interior designers.

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