Pune, India

Anisha is an artist who captures vibrant hues and exquisite colours to reflect portions of life and adds her own unique flavor to it. She deals with themes of abstract and surreal natures, fragments of a different artistic reality. To quote Anisha, “My style of painting revolves around abstract forms of real places, people, and objects. It tilts towards representation rather than replication.”

She has conducted exhibitions across Pune being a part of the Pune Biennale, 2017 with the theme ‘Identity and Self’, the exhibition at the Bohemian Canvas event that was conducted by Amplify Art in Pune, 2016 for which she won the third prize, and winning awards at Hyderabad Art Society in Hyderabad and the College of Military Engineering in Pune. She has also executed artworks for guestrooms of an IT company in Pune from the years 2013 to 2015.

Anisha’s methodology differs from conventional painting. She also employs a knife to execute her artworks. According to her, using a knife as a tool for painting renders the work more rustic in nature. Anisha has conducted numerous workshops on knife painting in Pune.

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