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Trinity Amidst the Tattvas Ankon Mitra

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Artist's Statement: The central motif in this work is the trinity in tight embrace, three forms representing Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in a circle. They float amidst an ocean of 36 tattvas, each of the 18 flowers representing two tattvas. Tattva is a Sanskrit word meaning 'principle', 'reality' or 'truth'. According to various Indian schools of philosophy, a tattva (or tattwa) is an element or aspect of reality conceived as an aspect of a deity. The number of tattvas varies depending on the philosophical school, but together they are perceived as the basis of all our experiences. In Shaivite philosophy, the tattvas are inclusive of consciousness as well as of material existence. The 36 tattvas of Shaivism are divided into three groups – Shuddha Tattvas (Pure attributes), Shuddha-Ashuddha Tattvas (Dualistic attributes) and Ashuddha Tattvas (Impure attributes). This work represents all the 36 tattvas. The metaphor emphasizes that we ascribe principles and attributes even to our divinities, they are surrounded by the tattvas, yet if we look closely, divinity is free from attributes and cannot be tethered down by description. The trinity are in an independent circle, floating and free.
Mixed Media
Gold and Aluminium Paints with Aluminium Foil and Buckram composite on Board
Medium - 36 x 36 inch | 91.44 x 91.44 cm
Shipped Rolled; Unless rolling not possible
Authenticity Certificate included
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