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The Mandala of Eight Silver Nelumbo Ankon Mitra

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Artist's Statement: Mandalas are drawn to magnify powerful spiritual ideas through symmetry, colour, shape and line. The Mandala of the Eight Silver Nelumbo meditates on the Ashtamangala, or the eight auspicious traditional symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism, each of the eight silver lotuses (Nelumbo Nucifera) representing - (1) protection from evil, (2) fulfilment of wishes, (3) a call to awaken, (4) conquest of ignorance, (5) graciousness, (6) perfection, (7) interconnectedness and (8) following the path of righteousness. The lotuses are silver, because they are perfect. They do not allow any impurity to touch them and are colourless. They reflect and are reflected upon. They are themselves spiritual octagrams but sit within the earthly material plane of squares, just as the entire diagram of the artwork is a spiritually liberated octagram rotating within a square mandala representing the material plane of the earth.
This mandala is an aspiration. It reminds us that there is a pure and unsullied spirit within each one of us, and even our sullied and tired materialistic outer-self secretly yearns for that eightfold spiritual purity.
Mixed Media
Gold and Aluminium Paint with Aluminium Sheet on Board, Enamel
Medium - 36 x 36 inch | 91.44 x 91.44 cm
Shipped Rolled; Unless rolling not possible
Authenticity Certificate included
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