Pattern, Geometric
The Cosmic Garden Quadriptych Ankon Mitra

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Artist's Statement: Every garden is a cosmos; conversely the cosmos is also a garden. Every garden is conceived of four elements – Earth (Soil and Stone), Fire (Sun), Water and Air. The four elements are essential for the creation of life, and therefore, each panel in this artwork uses exactly 18 squares of paper, 18 being the numerical value of the word 'life' in ancient Hebrew, as also the 18 chapters of the Bhagawad Gita. The building blocks of the origami sculptures are squares of paper, each exactly 8”X8” in size. The same square of paper transforms every time into a different module, the self-similar module combining with itself in different ways, to fashion a larger composition. The elements there may be four, but all elements are made from the same atoms and the same cosmic breath. This is the lesson of Modular Origami. (4 panels of 12” X 36” each) (excluding surrounding wood frame size). INR 1,50,000 for the Set of Four ; INR 40,000 for each panel if purchased separately.
Mixed Media
Enamel Paint and Royal Bond Paper on Board
Medium - 12 x 36 inch | 30.48 x 91.44 cm
Shipped Rolled; Unless rolling not possible
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