Pattern, Geometric
Lotus Leaves Climbing up a Tracery Screen Ankon Mitra

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Artist's Statement: Two resplendent lotus leaves climb up a tracery screen and peek through. The sun and the moon are the two poles of life on earth. Without them we would be nothing. The sun sustains all things physical and material – our flora and plant kingdom which is the source of our sustenance. It causes the seasons as the earth revolves around it, it causes day and night as the earth rotates. It is the cause of all climates and all weathers, without it, there would be no life on earth, indeed no earth itself. The moon is the cause of tides, the giver of reflected light at night, the cause of calendars and rituals and festivals. It sustains all things emotional, mental and spiritual. Without the moon there would be no intellect. This work is an obeisance to the sun and the moon, the two poles of our lives.
Mixed Media
Paper and Buckram under structure with Zari-Cotton Fabric on Handmade Paper Base
Large - 31 x 39 inch | 78.74 x 99.06 cm
Shipped Rolled; Unless rolling not possible
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