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Impression 1 Suvarna Sable

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This artwork is part of the "Beyond Imagination” series. This series evokes artist’s imagination about nature - the sun, moon, landscapes, sea etc. While we can take photographs of such objects, it is better to create them using vivid imagination.

Artist's Statement: I paint about objects in nature, which may be present, but we are not able to see them. It is about creative imagination of such objects, which have shapes, colours and other things. In this series I have tried to draw objects which are present at nano scale (Nanoparticle, proton, neutrons) or at very big scale (universe, milky way). I try to draw these forms/ shapes as impressions of such objects imagined by my mind. Human psyche is suffused with two kinds of energies - one finds its play in words and is discursive in nature, while the other one is pure imagery.
Sensitivity, apart from being the bedrock of the imagination, also vibrates in our thoughts. Dream and thought are the manifestation of the same ‘energy’ that flows within us. Our routine lives are mostly one-dimensional, monochromatic, and bereft of any imagination whatsoever. We generally do not engage the faculty of our imagination. Yet imagination, which makes up our dreams, does not differentiate between reality and unreality.
Acrylic on Canvas
Large - 30 x 40 inch | 76.2 x 101.6 cm
Shipped Rolled; Unless rolling not possible
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