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Fatal Attraction 44 Monali Pawaskar

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Artist's Statement: We always get attracted to different things at different stages. As a child we are attracted to toys, then as we grow up we get attracted to books or games or food and gradually to other things in life which are sometimes good looking or something you may say steals your attention. What does Attraction mean? Attraction means the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something. But there are some attractions that can be dangerous or fatal to oneself. Nature is such a wonderful creation of God that there are in-numerous such things that are very attractive yet fatal. My concept of painting is based on these fatal attractions found in nature. There are various species of plants which have one very strong element in them that attract insects towards them. These plants are known as carnivorous plants as they feed on the insects that get trapped in them. I work towards abstraction or simplification of the subject. Keeping the concept of attraction intact, I try using natural objects like shells or layering of thick paints that resemble my elements.
Acrylic on Canvas
Large - 36 x 48 inch | 91.44 x 121.92 cm
Shipped Rolled; Unless rolling not possible
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